Camp Brady Saunders 2018 Summer Camp (June 24th-29th)


Camp Brady Saunders in Goochland


June 24th-29th

Cost and Registration:


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Camp Boddie Summer Camp 2017 (July 9- July 15)


At Camp Boddie are scouts had a great time collecting merit badges, learning scout skills, and bonding with other scouts and staff even thought they were not part of our troop.





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Boy Scout Court of Honor (May 30)

The Boy Scout Court of Honor is a meeting/ceremony were we acknowledge our scouts`s rank advancements and earned merit badges from the last 6 months. After the ceremony, there will be a small but plentiful reception with snacks, desserts, and soda.

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The Memorial Day Ceremony (May 29)

Memorial day is where we remember the men and women who died while serving our country in the military and every Memorial day our troop goes out to the Virginia War Memorial to show our respect by attending the ceremony and displaying our wreath.

Here are some picture from the Memorial Day ceremony below:

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First Two NewBee Meetings (May 16 and May 23)

This is the first two Boy Scout meetings that the “NewBee” Boy Scouts have had. Those meetings have taught the NewBees important skills like basic scouting, scout etiquette, and scout and patrol activities as well as allowed the Troop to get to know the NewBees through the games they have played.

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Arrow of Light Trip (May 12-14)

The Arrow of Light trip is a fun trip where you get to meet the Webelos who will become the next Boy Scouts. You can also witness the Webelos getting taught skills by the Boy Scouts and the crossing over ceremony where the Webelos officially become Boy Scouts.

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Coast Guard Trip 2017

The Coast Guard trip this year was on April 21-23. This trip is a 737 troop favorite trip and a very good trip to go on. During the trip we tent near the Coast Guard base and we will spent the trip hanging out, learning about the Coast Guard, riding on a Coast Guard jet boat, playing jungle ball, and etc. Here are some pictures below:


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Scouts got creative on latest bucket trip

What do you do when all you have are scraps of tarp and everything you take camping has to fit into a 5-gallon bucket? Looks like once again, Duct Tape is your friend!


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Veteran’s Day Ceremony Throwback

Below is a photo collage from the Veteran’s Day Ceremony at the Virginia War Memorial from last year.


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Devil’s Marbleyard Trip 2016

Below is a photo from this past weekend on the Devil’s Marbleyard Camping Trip. As usual, all the Scouts loved going!


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